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Our Services, Clean Up NICE.

In modern times, we have increasingly more space and surfaces to clean but less time. We use our professional tools along with our passion for cleanliness to deliver best results, consistently. We offer arrange of services for all your cleaning needs.

1. Deep Cleans

Allow us to apply that extra pressure with delicacy to perform a deep clean for any part of your house. It is a great feeling to rediscover the new-like house beneath that layer of timeless dust.

2. Renovations Cleans

Planning a renovation? Plan without the worries of having to clean up. Simply let us know and we will help you wrap up quickly and let you enjoy your new renovations with peace.

3. Move In / Move Out Cleans

We can help you handover a perfect house to your landlord when you move out or to your tenant when they move in. It is quick, easy and efficient for us to clean the house and make it ready for handover. It helps you avoid deductions in security deposit and establish credibility.

4. Mopping

Mopping helps effectively spread anti-germ agents across floors and it also is one of the most effective ways to gather dust and clean surfaces, till date. From marble to wooden floorings, from houses to commercial spaces, we can clean it all.

5. Vacuuming

It is okay to have a little but too much carpet area. We can help you clean it effectively and nicely while maintaining a long life for your carpet.

6. Air BnB Turnovers

Running a bed and breakfast may not be ideal remotely, but we can help you clean up between the bookings even if you are away.

7. One Time Cleans

If you simply want to get a property cleaned, House2Home is the perfect refresh button.

8. Periodic Cleaning

If you need periodic cleaning to be done at your property, we offer long term solutions:

  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Bi-weekly Cleaning
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • Semi Annually Cleaning
  • Annually Cleaning

9. Offices / Small Businesses

Special Quick-In – Quick-Out services for small business are available. We cause minimum inconvenience to your daily operations and still deliver best results.

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